the name of the set - BROTHERS - is an ode to brothers InuYasha and Sesshōmaru from the 2000s anime series InuYasha. 

ALLEGORY | 30x30 mixed media on canvas

The name of this piece pays homage to Plato's "Allegory of the Cave." -  a thought experiment that dealt with perspective, reality, and truth. Shadows and Fire were very prominent in my mind while making this piece. Gels, pastes, canvas, and acrylic bring depth and provide layering that needs to be unravelled and deconstructed to see the multiple truths.
The bottom of the background is a darker deeper indigo and as your eyes travel upwards, you reach the top that is a much brighter, almost pastel hue of the same color. This mirrors the journey from the bottom of the cave with the shadows and firelight to the outside world filled with the radiance of the sun.
alt. name: tensaiga
KNDR, pronounced kinder, as in german for children is a piece forever intertwined with Allegory. They were created simultaneously, but technically KNDR is the younger of the two. The name was not only chosen because of its status as the baby brother, but also because of its style. The large streaks of blue, cyan, red and yellow dance against the white canvas in a way that, in my mind, reflects the artwork of a young child. It reminds me of the type of the colorful drawings that parents proudly display on their refrigerator doors. 
This piece is playful.
It brings light.
It brings joy. 
alt. name: tessaiga

KNDR | 30x30 mixed media on canvas

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